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Balloon Fight

Lessson#2 Mars Challenge

Balloon Fight

After assembly, the fine tunning the arm and pin. Finally we come to the programming part. Very qucikly our children found that it is not even difficult to program the bots. Donel said it is much easy and fun than his preivous coding experience. That is exactly what we want.  Learning should be a fun process, rather than a boring one, right? Now all young austrnaults are confident that they can win the game. 

"3, 2, 1......go", all bots start to go. But wait...very soon, our young learner found it is not always good to set up the max speed for their bots, aiming will be extreme hard with that speed. High turning speed also challenge the dudge skills of our controllers. Quickly they change the speed, angel of attack arm and start another fight. Boom....Boom........Boom, Who survive the game. That is "Harry Potter", our final winner. 

Next week, we will continue the "Count down" task and try to spend more time in coding area, pls make sure get your PC ready and come on time :)

See you next week.

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