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Coding without a computer

Mars Challenge

· Mars Challenges,Robotics

Do programing or robotics has to be doing with computer, not really. For our young learners, it is not always easy to understand some computer thinking, such as variables, sequence of command etc. So this time, we played a offline game. Our young learners played different roles(marker, commandor, measurer, driver) in a simulated Mars Rover driving test. The driver(robot) is blinded and he can only move based on command from commandor. Commandor(coding) gave commands to driver based on inputs from markers(variable), while the marker have to get the real time distance to the wall by measurer. It sounds an easy game but end up a lot of fun and learning during this process. To achieve the goal, our pioneers need not only play the game, but also need to use their math skills to solve some match problem during this process. By playing this game, out austranauts quickly pick up the purpose of those key elements of computer thinking and quickly they started to implment their learning in their coding, which is exactly what we call a S.T.E.A.M learning, where learning of science, teachnology, engineering, and math are not separatedly to different classes, but is integrated into a real life problem solving process. Most important, it is fun :)

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