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MakerStudio Janauary 2021 School Holiday Program is coming

Dear Parents:

Recently I got many inquries about our popular school holiday programs in the coming Janauary 2021. They said their kids really liked the T2'20 Lego movie workshop by Guy Capper and wanted to have him back again. and they also asking for more new programs.

So in the coming Janauary 2021 school holiday program(T4'20), we invite Mrs Capper again for the popular Lego movie program, the Day 1(18th,Janauary) will be for beginners and Day 2(19th, Janauary) will be for experienced students who had finished the beginner class. Beside tha, we also luckily invite Lucy McCammon, the famous puppet artiest to run a two day puppets workshop in 28th/29th of Janauray, 2021. Lucy will lead our students to make their own puppets in day 1 and in day 2 they will learn how to make a puppet show with their unique puppets. That sounds very fun and defintely a must to go. Besides that, we also got programs for our younger one, and programs for our hands on kids. I will post more details for each programs in later days. Do check below shedules of our school holiday programs and scan the qr code for enrollment.

If you have any questions to our programs, feel free contact me Ted (021 0844 2516).

Schedule of school holiday program
Lego Movie Flyer
Enrollment QR code
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