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MakerStudio T2'20 School Holiday Program

MakerStudio T2'20 School Holiday Program

This special designed school holiday proram is a mixed up technolgiy and fun by MakerStudio. It is designed for young learners to enjoy the fun of technlogy learning. Here is our proram details:

WW1 (Age Requirement: 8+ Yr)
6/7th, July, 2020: Lego Movie by Guy Capper $180
8th, July, 2020: Lego Wedo 2.0 Robotics and Theme Park $90
9/10th, July, 2020: Toy Hack and Hebocon Chamption $180

WW2 (Age Requirement: 10+ Yr)
13/14/15th, July, 2020: Smartphone Photography workshop $270
16/17th,July, 2020:3D Print & Jewelry/Badge Design workshop $180

The workshop start from 9AM and finish at 3PM each day at Captain Music Air Scouts Den at Half Moon Bay.

Any further questions about program, feel free contact MakerStudio Ted ( 021 0844 2516 or

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