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MARS, We are coming.

After a long waiting, All our young astronauts, including two females, are ready to start their Mars exploration journey.

First, they need to build their own Mars rover. Not like in classroom, Our young astronauts need to learn in their hands on assembly. They need to learn how to read the assembly manual. Definitely there are problems, when it happens, they are told to read the manual again, then asking their buddies to figure it out. Getting help from base teacher is the last steps. I am so happy most of our young learners did a marvelous job by assembly their own bots in the end without too many long distance "call" to the base teacher :)

When we went to the free design pop balloon session, our astronauts use their imaginations to create their own bots, One of them even got the idea to build his "tape armor" on his ballons by attaching tapes on his ballon. It is so cool.

Although we didn't make a baollon pop in the end, but next week, we will do that. Also, A count down rocket launch task will challenge you guys next week. Let's Count. Three...Two...One.........

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