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Mother Day Fun with paper circuit

This weekend is mother day, our young innovators are using their new learned paper circuit skills to make a special mother card for their mom. Making the paper circuit work is not an easy task, our young learners need to know some basic knowledge of electronics to make it work. With the help from teacher and buddies, all of them make the prototypes work. Creation is always full of fun and imagination and creation. Some make love heart with pop up card design, other just design their cards with their own drawing. Whatever they make, they are all very proud of their creation. Look at Andrew, the first one to finish his mother card design. One more think I want to mention about is of our young learner, Raymond, he got some problem with connection of his LED and didnt make it work properly at the end of class. Rather than giving up,he kept working on his circuit even after the class back in home. I am so proud of your passion of learn.

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