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The Little Bumpy Car

Mars Challenges

· Mars Challenges,Robotics

Two weeks after landing our robot, our austronauts are busy driving their rover on Mars now. But very soon they realized there is a big problem. It is not possbile to remote the rover on Mars, somehow those rovers have to be "given" the ability to avoid obstacles and drive themselves on Mars. Fortunately Ultrasonic sensors are equiped to the rovers.

Our young pionners are very intersesting to how does the ultrasonic works. A story about bat was shared to our austraunts. Now they start to tweak their sensor and see what they got. It is interesting to see that even girl showed interests to the programing and did a great job in coding. 

At last, a run and turn competition excited all children, some made the turn nicely, some bumped the box and run out of the field. But whatever result it is, I am sure our austrauants are getting to thier life in Mars now.

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