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Xmas Coding Camp

Design, Making, Coding School Holiday Camp

Booking now for Xmas Coding Camp

Join in our fun coding camp in this school holiday from 19th to 23rd Dec. Our young learner will group together and celebrating Xmas by coding, making. The popolar Scratch coding language and sensor boards will be used to free imagination of our young learner. By hands ons design, making, crafting and progrmming, children will celebrate the christmas in a very speical way. if you are interested, pls enroll your children ASAP, as we can only hold 10 kids max for this camp. Below are details.

Age Requirement: 7+ years old
Cost: $ 20/Kid/1.5hr
Date: 19th~23th, Dec
Time: 10:00~11:30 AM
Camp Gears: Your own laptop (pad/tablet will not work)

For enrollment, pls email or call 021 0844 2516.


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